About Us

Sahana Byadgi is one of the fast growing Photographers in the space of Maternity and Baby Photography. Her unconditional love for children and passion for photography made her what she is today in the world of child photography. She loves working with moms, as she believes they are the creators and craftsmen of beautiful souls!

With an intention to offer services professionally and satisfy the need of our clients, Sahana Byadgi Photography was formed as an entity. Systems and Processes are put in place to achieve our Vision and make Sahana Byadgi Photography a world class organization.

Art has been the core theme on which Sahana Byadgi Photography has been built. Understanding the need for story telling and modern day visualization approach, we offer our creative services.  "Story boarding", "Day Out's" and "Skilled Me" are some unique concepts that we have created for our clients along with the other conceptualized shoots that we offer.

So, if you want to tell your child's story, cherishing one memory after the other, you are at the right place. Cheers to our association and welcome to Sahana Byadgi Photography!

Our Vision

To enable and facilitate our clients to create and freeze memories in a beautiful and professional way that can be cherished for ever and ever.

Our Mission

To capture a million happy smiles and the stories behind it in the next two decades.

To empower and create a hundred job opportunities for women.

To systematically expand Sahana Byadgi Photography globally and be renowned as the go to place for maternity and baby photography. 

To educate and contribute to the maternity and newborn photography industry as a Thought Leader.

Defining Us






Driving Us






Our Principles

Sahana Byadgi Photography is built on sound principles. These are not just mere statements, but the ideology our team works with. We love to be a part of this creative, colorful, positive Eco-system and contribute towards the development of the same.

Our Work: Quality and Results has always been our priority, and will always be our priority.

Our Champions: We’re called champions, because it’s not just a job, it’s our passion. Together, we embrace diversity to create a place where each of us can be ourselves.

Our Customers: It all starts with work orders, but our work goes far beyond that.. we connect with, laugh with, and be a part of their moments to create memories they can cherish for a life time.

Our Neighborhood: We are a part of a community! and we take our responsibility to be good neighbors pretty seriously. We always want to be a force for positive action – bringing together our partners, customers, and the community to contribute every day.

Our Shareholders: As we deliver in each of these areas, we enjoy the success that rewards our shareholders. We are fully accountable to get each of these elements right.

Why choose to work with us!

Sahana Byadgi Photography is involved in every stage upon conceptualization, development and implementation to completion, with a policy to offer continual functional and moral support. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of planning, implementation, post processing and creative print outputs.

We possess extensive experience and deliver services out of passion. Our associates are well versed in all aspects of academic and photography requirements. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively administering multiple photo shoots and assignments. We are also continually improvising on our collection of creative props and equipment, to bring the best out of your photo-shoots.

We believe every individual and every product is unique! At Sahana Byadgi Photography, we highlight that uniqueness and enable you cherish that uniqueness for ever and ever. Our clients have always got the desired output and you will receive it too.

Let us help you capture your stories, with one unforgettable picture at a time!
Get in touch with us with your requirements and listen to our ideas!