Being a Child Photographer is a joyful and blissful job! Overview of my kids photography style

Photographing children is a joyful and blissful process, but it’s also really challenging. Whether you want to capture moments or just portraits, there’s a lot to work on when it comes to photographing kids. Here are some styles that I follow and I always keep in mind as  a child photographer:

I shoot them naturally as they are and not how I want them to be. I feel kids are honest and comfortable with themselves. They don’t fake emotions and you can photograph them smiling, laughing, or playing in their natural way.

To build my rapport with the kid I try to speak in their language. Talking to them can be more difficult than it sounds, but that’s how you engage with a kid. Their favourite toys and their bedrooms give me hang of their likes and I talk to them about it during the shoot.

The best part of being a child photographer is that you get to become a kid again and again. Let yourself go easy and play along. That’s something called an amazing life according to me.

We get a very short duration, when we’re photographing children. I tend to get things quick as the best shots come in when they are really in the mood. I have also realized that it is important to watch out for the signs they are done! So that you can bring them back into the mode.

Natural light photography is something that I prefer when shooting kids. As in nature, they tend to display their true self and the natural light creates an original environment that they are used to.

My greatest strength is that I love engaging with children, make them have fun, play, hop, scream and laugh together. Once they are enjoying themselves and the company, all that you need to do is to gear up quickly and capture those priceless moments in your camera.

Kids also get attracted to colors and creative setup’s. The excitement levels are different when they connect with the props and this is an opportunity for me to surprise them with those creative props and unique setup’s.

I also believe that children love their parents more than any one else on this earth. They strike the best pose when they are with their favourites.

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