maternity photoshoot with husband - sahana byadgi photography in bangalore

Why doing a Family Maternity Photoshoot is a great idea?

Let the whole family be a part of your maternity photoshoot fun! It is obvious that they are an active part of your journey as a mom to be,
Newborn and baby photoshoots

What locations suits best for new born and baby photoshoots? What are the requirements of a baby photographer?

Newborn and baby photoshoots are either done at our studios or at your house, depending on various contexts. We often ask our clients if they want a candid home

Should you do newborn photos?

I would say yes! But, this is obviously a personal choice. Sleepy newborn which is so small to even fit in your hands… Curled up squishy baby, sometimes curling
colour wheel - choosing clothing colors and patterns - Family portrait shoot

Picking the right colours for family portraits, during baby portraiture shoot

Picking out what to wear and choosing right colors for family portraits, is so tricky! Making sure that everyone looks coordinated and stylish is something, we are particular about.

Newborn Baby Photoshoot Preparations. What should you be ready with?

It is important to have a clear understanding of what the newborn baby photoshoot day is going to look like. Here is an article to help you understand what

What you need to know before hiring a newborn photographer?

It might be the first time you are having a baby and the desire to get a new born shoot done is absolutely justified. If you do not personally

Being a Child Photographer is a joyful and blissful job! Overview of my kids photography style

Photographing children is a joyful and blissful process, but it’s also really challenging. Whether you want to capture moments or just portraits, there’s a lot to work on when
Corona Safety measures for photographers - sahana byadgi photography

What precautions should baby photographers and clients take during COVID – 19 Scenario?

Novel Corona Virus has undoubtedly shaken every one and has changed the way people need to work. We feel that all of us have to accept the fact that

Why are Pregnancy Photographers on demand? A sudden rise for Baby Bump Photoshoots!

There has been a huge demand for creative pregnancy photographers in India. More and more to be mothers are opting for this service and they intend to make the