Child Photography

Growing-Up and Child Photoshoots with Sahana Byadgi

Stories - Expressions - Naughtiness

A child displays several qualities, interests and expressions as it grows. Every thing is done with innocence, naughtiness and pure love. Natural, innocent, sweet, addictive smiles and expressions are captured in this duration. They are obviously cute and innovative. We love to connect their interests, passion, daily routines as a story. Every shot that we take will connect with a story and this creates a lifetime memory for you to cherish, recollect and re-live the moments.

Child and Growing-up photoshoots can be done with themes & concepts, indoor or outdoor, natural and in nature. It can get as creative as it could get, as wild as possible and as cute and innocent it could get. We will capture the right expressions for you! It will for sure have a one in a million picture you will hold onto throughout your journey.

A classy combination!

Your Expressions - Our Captures - Your Memories

Your child is an amazing gift of joy! The joyful moments experienced by parents with these cute little angels are priceless. Those running arounds, funny faces, innocent behaviour, unbiased opinions and questions they share; creates happy moments for the parents and everyone around. This is the duration where every single picture you capture talks a story. We just love to capture them.

We know how to trigger some of their expressions, we will break the ice and make them open up throwing out some of their unique styles.  We hae also designed some unique services for children of this age: Story Boarding, Skilled Me and Day Out's. Talk to us to know more about these. Get your child pptpshoots done and it will for sure be a lifetime treasure!

Services / Styles for Child Photography you can opt for

Its our specialization and we are experts in them!

A day in my life shoot

Concept Based Child Photoshoot

Indoor/ Studio Photoshoot

Storyboarding Shoot

Outdoor Child Photoshoot

Family Portraiture