What precautions should baby photographers and clients take during COVID – 19 Scenario?

Novel Corona Virus has undoubtedly shaken every one and has changed the way people need to work. We feel that all of us have to accept the fact that we need to stay with it for the time to come and face the situations by taking all controllable measures.

When dealing with mothers and babies, we feel that we ourselves need to be extra careful. First not to put ourselves into risk and at the same time not to put the client at risk.

Here are some measures that we are taking at Sahana Byadgi Photography and feel the same can be considered by other photographers too…

1. Use your own mode of transport. As baby and maternity shoots need you to carry several props and equipment. Do not: share the drives, use cabs or public mode of transport.

2. Set-up the themes and concepts yourself. Do not engage with third party vendors to get the setup’s done for your shoots. Hope you realize that creative set-up’s need involvement of multiple consultants. You may spend your precious time on it, but it’s totally worth it!

3. Buy your props from known and branded vendors. Do not rent the props for the time being!

4. Sanitize your props and make sure you do not use the same one again for the next 14-15 days.

5. Stay away from travelling to unknown and contained areas.

6. Schedule your shoots in the client’s place or inside your studio. You can also avoid outdoor shoots in crowded areas for time being.

7. Go directly to the shoot location or to your studio. Do not go anywhere else before the shoot.

8. Remember the ancient practices: Footwear Outside, Wash your hands and legs, Sanitize your hands, If need be change your clothes. Keep the studio clean. Use 1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution for disinfecting the surrounding and any 70% alcoholic solutions for metallic surfaces… Sanitize yourself and the clients as soon as your enter.

9. Focus on minimalistic and natural style of photography.

10. Practice social distancing. Yes even from your clients and especially babies. Touch them only if you need to, with proper sanitization.

11. If you are a general photographer also focussing on maternity and baby photography, you better avoid covering mass gatherings, parties and weddings for time being or vice versa. You can consider outsourcing the order to a professional in the same field.

12. Postpone your shoot in case you are unwell. Client’s health and reputation of your brand is more important!!

There might be some hesitation by you or the clients initially. But, we are sure both of you will understand. Because, there is some genuine care that you show for them. We believe in expressing that genuine care and love for our clients! And most importantly it’s because we focus on building an everlasting relationship with them.

We practice these concepts in the benefit and interest of all. After all, health is more important than anything else. Wishing all of you a happy and healthy life.


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