What locations suits best for new born and baby photoshoots? What are the requirements of a baby photographer?

Newborn and baby photoshoots are either done at our studios or at your house, depending on various contexts. We often ask our clients if they want a candid home session or a styled photo studio session. These will look quite different and have a very different feel. For babies aged lesser than seven months, only indoor shoots are suggested. Option for safe Outdoor shoots can be explored post the 7th month.

We always feel that it’s best to work out what suits you and the baby. If a home photoshoot is planned, you of course don’t have to leave the house, which can avoid some travel and adaptation, and you’ll end up with a very natural intimate scene.

On the other hand, If you would like something fancier and styled, the studio session may be the best choice. Here, we can use props and a variety of different poses and different backgrounds, possibly all during one session.

At Sahana Byadgi Photography, we also bring studio equipment to the house, but this would entirely depend on how much space you have for lights and posing. Of course planning the logistics will be hell lot of a task for us. Your cooperation with the planning sessions matter the most in this scenario.

Lighting plays a very important factor, so if the house doesn’t have a good daylight, then our studios may be a better option. If your house has double heighted roofs and large windows, it can allow a lot of light and you will defnitely get a good output.

Hope we were able to give you some idea so that, you could decide the location for newborn and baby photoshoots.

We also prefer to ask our clients about colour schemes! Would they prefer to create light or dark tone portraits? We would not recommend mixing them. You must be aware that darker tone images will always be much stronger than the light ones. Our planning guide will make it easy for you to decide and go ahead. Talk to us about your requirement and we will walk an extra mile to help you fulfill your dream newborn and baby photoshoots.

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