Newborn Photography FAQ

As you have arrived here, we are sure that you have plenty of questions in your mind regarding Newborn Photoshoots. While we have tried to document some Newborn Photography FAQ's, we shall answer the unanswered ones during our discussions on call. One thing that should overpower all the thoughts and questions in your mind is that this process of documenting and capturing the newborn phase is going to be a memorable one! creating an opportunity to cherish the memories of becoming a mother and giving birth to a new life, for a lifetime.

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When is the best time to get a newborn photoshoot done?

The best time to get the newborn photoshoot done is between 5 to 15 days from the time of birth. It’s the perfect time to get those perfect bundled up and curled womb like posed shots of the baby.  Once the babies cross the 15 day mark, they sleep much less and it becomes difficult to wrap and achieve perfect poses. As a parent you can better understand your baby! If your baby has crossed this timeline, but is flexible and still sleeps, well we can very well plan a newborn session with newborn setups.

We insist you do the newborn photos within the first 10-15 days, as the baby tends to mature day by day. In case you miss the deadline, it is still perfectly fine to do it with in the first 30 days.

Assuming the range of 4-6 weeks! Things might start to get a bit trickier here. If babies have arrived on the due date or past due date, chances are that photo session might be quiet awake. If you are after sleepy, moulding poses, we would say it will be 50/50 that we will have them, but if you are after some awake photos and simply beautiful newborn photography with parents, the perfect age for this. Anyways you are going to have one of the most beautiful pictures.

We have styled/posed newborn photos for babies up to six weeks. You can also plan a candid home session. Usually after five weeks, babies try to reach and look at you a lot. This will result in some really cute interaction shots.

We recommend waiting for at least three weeks, or until your actual due date. If the baby is under five pounds (2.2kg), we suggest waiting until they put on a bit of weight. By then, the baby would have recovered.

We always suggest waiting until feeding is well established. Let’s accept the fact that a hungry baby is not a happy baby. If you’re having difficulties, perhaps wait two weeks and plan the session in the third or fourth week. It is absolutely okay!

Many photographers will advise booking newborn photoshoots as early as possible, usually after your 12-week scan. But, you can wait until the second scan – around the 20-week mark and book your shoot.

The stage that is particularly good for baby photography is around 14 weeks when babies begin to roll on their tummy and start lifting their heads.

We get this question a lot and we understand the concern of parents. During the process of the shoot, the flash is never right next to the baby’s face or we don’t let the flash directly hit the baby. Sometimes babies are startled by the flash, but that’s about it.

You should never force a baby into a pose. We do not recommend it! Indeed, it’s best to walk in with the expectation that you will get some nice photos, but not a list of specific poses. Have a chat with us to find out what kind of photos we are comfortable doing. We certainly wouldn’t recommend that parents try these complicated set-ups at home as well.

We suggest you keep the clothes simple and preferably in solid similar/ matching color. Upon receiving your confirmed booking, we will do a detailed pre-shoot session and styling consultation with you on call. Your queries regarding clothes and session will be answered here.

All our photoshoots are decided based on mutual discussion and slot availability.  It’s crucial you pre-plan, prepare and arrive at given time slot as we might have more than 1 session planned for the day and at different locations. We provide a 30 minutes leeway. If you are delayed further, 20% of your package cost is charged additionally as late fee. Of course, if there are no other sessions planned, we can have a relaxed shoot (Only for valid reasons!).

The average time for the newborn session can range anywhere between 2 -3 hours and is primarily based on the chosen package. The actual session time varies depending upon how settled and cooperative the baby is. However, please come prepared for a longer session. Baby settling, feeding and posing time might vary, as each baby is different and have their little personalities.

Please refer to our guide on: Newborn Photoshoot Preparations

We recommend only the expecting parents and the first born baby (if you have one) be present, unless you have booked for a newborn family portraits. Family can visit the studio at the specified time, after your shoot is completed. In case the shoot is planned at your location, we recommmend that family members do not disturb you for the first few hours of the shoot.

We are in the business of sharing stories. Extreme amount of effort and dedication goes in the creation of each frame, with an intention to create most beautiful memories for you. Hence we showcase it on all our online and offline platforms that help us with branding and future business.

By default, all the copyrights of the images created by us, are with us. However, you can buy the copyrights to your images at an additional charge of INR. 10,000/-. On purchasing the copyrights, we don’t hold any rights to your images. We transfer your entire data, in its original format via online transfer and remove it from our systems all together after 1 month of online data transfer.