Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography with Sahana Byadgi

Showcasing a mother's greatest creation...

A new life, A new arrival, A New celebration, A new Born... Those cute little fingers, tiny hands and legs, Pink and chubby cheeks, attractive eyes and most importantly the mother's sweet face showcasing her new creation. Even Imagining it makes us go out of words! All we wish to do is capture them and help create a memory of a lifetime. We try to make it as elegant, as cute and as adorable as it could get. Of-course with atmost care and safety.

Newborn Photoshoots are done within the first fourteen days of the baby's arrival and are done indoor either in our studios or at the client's location. All that you have to do is relax and showcase your most proud possession. The rest is on us! . The output is going to be cute - sweet and for sure you will secure a one in a million picture you will hold onto, throughout your life.

A classy combination!

Your Expressions - Our Captures - Your Memories

Celebrating your little one's arrival is one of life’s most precious moments. A baby is a gift of joy! nd the joyful moments experienced by the parents are priceless. Little pink cheeks and soft skin to their tiny fingers, a newborn symbolises nature's greatest miracle.

We shoot newborns when they are between 5 days to 15 days old. They curl up into these adorable positions they were in, in the womb. Babies also tend to be extremely flexible at this age and can be moved into a few sleeping poses too. In case you miss the first two weeks, a safe bet would be within 30 days. Get your baby shoots done and it will for sure be a lifetime treasure!