A day in the life of Avani


Avani! An amazingly sweet, cute and highly energetic girl... We got a chance to witness and experience what a beautiful day looks like with her. Some poses, some candids and some craziness she wanted to show us. She loves to jump around, shout, laugh out loud and behave innocent. She loves to play hard with her friends and her mom. Avani means "Earth" and her parents are bringing her up in the same way: Pure and Lovable! They teach her where her food comes from with gardening at home. Her garden is filled with Tomatoes, Chillies, Brinjal and some Greens. She sows the seeds, waters the plants every day and showers a lot of love. Yes! She loves harvesting the crop... Just sneak through the pictures in the form of a story.

Kids are really cute, sweet, pure and lovable! Capture and gift them the best part of their days. When they look back they see how creative they were and how wonderful their parents were to document their life beautifully and professionally. Talk to us if you intend to get one done!

High Energy

Harvesting Time

Love for Dolls

Addictive & Lovely Laughs!

Do you want to gift your kid a memorable treasure?

Gift them a day in their life!


"Baby Photography is a love affair with life"

Project Type :- Child Photography

Project Duration :- 1 Day

Project Location :- Bengaluru

Client Name :- Baby Avani