Picking the right colours for family portraits, during baby portraiture shoot

Picking out what to wear and choosing right colors for family portraits, is so tricky! Making sure that everyone looks coordinated and stylish is something, we are particular about. This is also a selfish effort to avoid creating the next Awkward Family Photo!

Most often, it is tempting to have everyone wear black, which can be a great option, but we can help you pick the right colours for the family. You will look absolutely wonderful during your family photo session in a variety of styles and colours.

While there is no rule that everyone has to wear the exact same colour as everyone else, it’s much nicer, to coordinate a colour gradient. To help you understand, a colour gradient is the blending of one colour into another. If the family is wearing shades of blue and purple, pinks and reds, or any other colours on a gradient, the pictures will look fantastic!

Choosing right colors for family portraits? Here are some examples of colour gradients to help you decide which colour palette will be the best fit for your family:

Mix Patterns: If your idea is to make the whole family wear similar colours, try picking one main colour, and ask everyone to wear different shades of clothing in that colour. The output will be vibrant and you get some visually-exciting photos.

Mix Pattern Colour Palette for baby and maternity photography - Sahana Byadgi Photography

Likewise, make sure that the patterns everyone is wearing are similar or not too bold. Bolder patterns on someone will overwhelm the picture!

Complimentary Colours: We have experienced this time and again. Complimentary colours never go wrong! It produces a classic look that stands out and makes a co-ordinated looking family. Complimentary colours are the ones that are opposite of each other on the color wheel, like purple and yellow or red and green.

complimentary colors for family and baby portraiture

We love this colour wheel, which will help you figure out which colours will look fantastic together! But, make sure to discuss with us before you finalize one if you are planning for portraits in our studios. We will guide you with the backdrops we have in our collection and make sure that your effort is justified.

Matching Outfits: You can also choose to match your outfits exactly. From matching black/white shirts and jeans to identical sweaters, co-ordinating the same outfit can make your family look close. We usually don’t suggest this because can end up looking forced!!

So you can Mix It, Match It, Compliment It, Pastel It and just ROCK IT! The best part of our job is posing, cuddling and capturing babies. Choosing right colors for family portraits is important and we intend to spend some time in helping clients to help prepare for the session. This will ensure that their shoot will look classy and satisfactory!

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