Should you do newborn photos?

I would say yes! But, this is obviously a personal choice. Sleepy newborn which is so small to even fit in your hands… Curled up squishy baby, sometimes curling up to the same adorable positions they were in, in the mother’s womb… little pink cheeks, tiny fingers, soft skin, those unanswered smiles, and tender hands & legs… Symbolizing nature’s greatest creation. So, should you do newborn photos?

Have you seen those new born baby photos before? Are you mesmerised? Or are you repelled? That’s probably your answer right there. It can only happen in the first few days! Get your baby photographed in a way that they can never be photographed again.

Some parents are confused if they really want to take baby photos when they’re asleep. Especially during those first 10 days. They want awake baby photos when the babies are full of character. These photos should usually be taken after the four-week mark.

So, When should you book your newborn shoot? Many photographers will advise booking newborn photoshoots as early as possible, usually after your 12-week scan. But, you can wait until the second scan – around the 20-week mark and book your shoot.

Advantages of taking newborn photos within the first 2 weeks: The baby would be much smaller and depending on the weight, it probably might be easier to mould them into different positions. In terms of sleep, we feel there is more sleep success with newborns from day 7.

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Many parents are confused and might have some questions about the new born photoshoot. It is a great option to interact with us regarding this. We will be able to help you gain further clarity.

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