What you need to know before hiring a newborn photographer?

It might be the first time you are having a baby and the desire to get a new born shoot done is absolutely justified. If you do not personally know a newborn photographer, then we completely understand that there is a lot for you understand when making the decision about who to choose.

We thought this article can help you with some information. Hiring a newborn photographer is not as easy as searching for one in Google. There is far more to it than that because there are several photographers out there, and not all are specialized in what they do.

We would like to share with you some of the key things we believe parents need to know before hiring a professional newborn photographer.

Safety Aspects considered by the Newborn Photographer

It is a good option to do some homework into how the new born photographer handles babies to achieve the photos they showcase on their portfolio.

Does the photographer you are considering, educate you about newborn safety? Do they discuss and share their knowledge (as we have done here) openly online? Or, in contrast, do they not talk about it at all?

If there is no prominent mention of baby safety on their communication material, it should give you a quick hint to avoid! This is an absolute priority, as it should be. We feel safety should always come first!

Experience of the Baby Photographer

Before confirming on a photographer for newborn shoots, we always recommend that you aim to hire someone who does new born and baby shoots regularly and has some experience in handling babies.

Newborn baby photography is a specialist skill. We know most clients would want to go with someone who knows how to handle them safely, even if they are a little premium than a general photographer.

It is also a good option to, look online for reviews from happy customers.

Collection of Props and Material

While taking great photos does not necessarily need any props, backgrounds and other material, it becomes an essential requirement to make the picture look more attractive. We usually combine the collection of the pictures we deliver with a combination of creative setup’s and minimalistic portraits. A sure shot hope that we shall deliver a great output which showcases your baby in a format that can never be achieved again.

Cost of hiring a newborn photographer

While it’s important to keep an eye on the budget, you should get something that you desire too.

We believe that you get what you pay for. Adding complete value for every single project that we take up is part of our value system. We believe that we offer great value photography.

Are you considering to hire a newborn photographer?

Please complete this Contact Form to get in touch with me if you think I may be the perfect newborn photographer for you! And if you know any other parents-to-be who are also considering hiring a newborn photographer, then please do share this article with them too. Thank you! – Sahana Byadgi

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